Ronald Rorrer, PhD, PE
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I am currently Chair and Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver).  I have taught at CU Denver for over 25 years full-time.

Prior to CU Denver, I worked for the Gates Rubber Company in Denver, first in the Adhesives group and finally in the Advanced Materials Research Group.  I received my PhD at Va Tech in Mechanical Engineering.  I worked for Martin Marietta on the Hellfire Missile after obtaining my bachelor's and master's degree from Va Tech.

Research Areas

Tribology and Surface Science, Polymers, Power Systems, Composites


I originally obtained my PhD to become Director of Research at a small company.  Most research departments had, by and large, disappeared by the time I graduated.

I perform consulting on a variety of topics related to tribology, polymers and design and analysis.  I will help you design a product or analyze one that you have designed.

I have also consulted with everyone from individuals to Fortune 100 companies, forensic engineering firms as well as law firms representing both sides in patent infringement issues, product liability lawsuits and class action lawsuits.  For patent issues, I will give you my technical opinion on whether or not your patent is being infringed upon technically or you are infringing technically on the claims of others.  Analogously, I will tell you my technical opinion on a product failure.  I take the viewpoint that you need an honest technical opinion in order to determine your path forward.

My curriculum vitae is located here.

Mechanical Engineering Employment and Employers

I also have written articles on evaluating both employers and employees, as well as being employed for Mechanical Engineering Magazine published by ASME.  Since there are page limitations on the ASME articles (amongst other things), I thought I would expand upon some of the ideas introduced in the articles and wander into other areas.  If you are an undegraduate student you should be looking for an internship and at the end full-time employment.  I have very strong opinions on what you should look for in a prospective employee from an engineering program.

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